The Chairman


“Kalvineri Kavalar”, Shri.T.J.Govindarajan, BA, MLA
Chairman, T.J.S.Group of Institutions, Chennai.
Member of Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu, Gummudipoondi Constituency.

The continuous upgrading of facilities has brought our institute to the forefront of the educational scenario in the State of Tamil Nadu. The world has moved into a new century and a new millennium. A developing country like India has to keep pace with the changes that are occurring within the rest of the world. Predicting the future is difficult for anyone. But two strongly emerging trends can be perceived.

Firstly, the demands on the technological front are going to intensify. Secondly, the process of the world which has become a Global Village will gather momentum. In view of the above anticipation, the importance of higher education in building a nation is beyond anyone’s doubt. The growth of a country on all fronts – agricultural, scientific, and industrial – is directly proportional to the creation of a well-trained professional work force. This can only be achieved through good quality higher education. This is exactly our motto at T.J.S.E.C – “Building a better nation through quality education”.

Besides, possessing sound technical and entrepreneurial wisdom, our students will be equipped with the mental strength and requisite technical knowledge to face the pressures of global challenges. With steps being taken in the right direction, there is little doubt in my mind about achieving our self-set goals.