List of consultancy work



  • To provide specialized expertise and knowledge to industries and organizations to solve complex problems and challenges.
  • To assist industries in improving their processes, systems, and products, thereby enhancing their efficiency and competitiveness.
  • To facilitate technology transfer from academia to industry by working with researchers to identify commercial applications of their research.
  • To help industries in identifying and analyzing market opportunities, designing market entry strategies, and developing new business models.

Roles and Responsibilities of Working Group:

  1. To interact with the industry for a better Industry – Institute Partnerships.
  2. To Create a conducive environment for consultancy activities
  3. To bridge the technical gap between Industry & Academia
  4. To carry out all necessary coordination for an effective consultancy.
S.NOName of the research project/ endowmentName of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigatorDepartment of Principal Investigator / Co-investigatorName of the Funding AgencyType (Government /Non- GovernmentAmount Sanctioned In Rsyear
1AI Based Automatic Irrigation System with Android ApplicationMr.T.Kamal Kumar  EEETNSCSTGovernment7,5002022-23
2Transferable Mechanized Concrete Blending MachineDr.K.Kamal Babu & Mr.M.Vioth Kumar  MECHAPVK Infra Private LtdNon-Government4,80,0002022-23
3ANFO Mixing Machine for Safety and Proper  HomogenizationMr.Sivachandran & Mr.K.Kaviarasn  CivilS.P MineralsNon-Government5,36,0002022-23
15 KW Roof Top Solar PV ImplementationDr.J.Prakash & Dr. I. Arul doss Adaikalam  EEESubam Industries  Non-Government476,000  2021-22
1Industrial Dip & Spray Painting  Using PLCDr.S.Velmurugan & Dr.M.Sathya PriyaECEPioneer CoatingsNon-Government423,0002019-20
2Automatic fault Detection and Location of Transmission Lines using IOTMr.T.Kamal KumarEEETNSCSTGovernment7,5002019-20
1Design of Construction of BLDC motor to replace the sewing machine cluth motor for handicapped personMrs.M.Shunmuga SankariEEETNSCSTGovernment7,5002018-19