Infrastructure Facilities

The Institution has always been committed to provide excellent physical facilities for teaching and learning. It recognizes that a good infrastructure is essential for creating a good academic environment and enabling quality education. To ensure this, the institute consistently upgrades its infrastructure anticipating future requirements.     The college campus is spread across 11.02 acres in a lush green environment with a built-up area of 21115 sq. meters. The institution provides admirable infrastructural facilities for teaching and learning, which includes classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment, and more. It also rolls out value-added programs, activity-based learning, and laboratory-oriented theory classes to bridge the gap in academic teaching and align with industry requirements. The available physical infrastructure is optimally utilized beyond regular college hours to conduct co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, placement training classes, campus recruitments, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.

Each classroom is equipped with a green board, podium, sufficient number of lights, and fans. The classrooms have good ventilation and an LCD projector is mounted with a Wi-Fi facility for ICT-enabled learning. The institution also has an established Communication Lab along with computers at individual department labs with the total count of 525 PCs.

The institution possesses various infrastructures for teaching and learning. There are 35 classrooms available for students. Seminar Halls and 600-Students capacity auditorium with latest audio – visual equipments to provide the necessary support to organize effective training programmes.

The laboratories are spacious, well-furnished, and have good ventilation and lighting facilities. All laboratories are equipped with essential equipment to meet the requirements of the curriculum.

Overall, the institution has a strong commitment to providing the best infrastructure and physical facilities to facilitate quality education and academic development for its students and staff.