Science & Humanities

About the department

The Department of Science and Humanities, started in the year 2009, is the backbone for Engineering and Technology Education. It follows the curriculum and syllabus of Anna University, Chennai. It instills the basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English which play a major role for meeting out the present technological revolutions.  The department aims to impart value based education to the budding engineers. It lays a strong foundation for the educational expansion of the students. The unique strength of the department is the brilliant coordination in performing the academic responsibilities in an effective manner. We impart quality education to the students with the support of a team of well-qualified and experienced, dedicated and highly motivated faculty members.

Vision and Mission of the Department


Our vision is to make the students realize the importance of Sciences and Humanities and also to create  an awareness for Engineering and Technology which in turn will enrich and mould the student into a proficient expert.

  • To create academic excellence in fundamental sciences through advanced teaching learning process
  • To develop and sharpen students’ ability to converse sensibly and innovatively in several ways that is appropriate for their discipline
  • To encourage the practical applications of concepts through learning experience and active participation
Teaching Faculty

Department of Mathematics

Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mr.M.VidhurankumarM.Sc., M.phil, M.Ed.,Assistant Professor
Mr.Satheesh subramaniyan GM.Sc., M.phil.,(P.hD).,Assistant Professor
Mrs.K.V.AnusuyaM.Sc., M.phil, B.Ed.,Assistant Professor
Mrs.A.SandhiyaM.Sc., M.phil, B.Ed.,Assistant Professor
Mrs.S. AmuthaM.Sc., M.phil.,Assistant Professor
Mrs.R. SathyapriyaM.Sc., M.phil.,Assistant Professor
Mr.Dr. G. Alexader RaymandM.Sc., M.phil.P.hD.,Assistant Professor
Mr.S. GnanasekaranM.Sc., M.phil.,Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mr.Dr. Senthil kumar RajuM.Sc., M.phil.P.hDAssociate Professor
Mrs. S. AnithaM.Sc., M.phil.,(P.hD)Assistant Professor
Mr.G. RajvinayakM.Sc., M.phil., Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mrs.Dr.L.CharithaM.Sc., P.hDAssociate Professor
Mrs. D.PriyaM.Sc., M.phil.,(P.hD)Assistant Professor
Mrs. P.UshaM.Sc., M.phil.,(P.hD) Assistant Professor

Department of English

Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mrs. R.PadminiM.A., M.phil.,Assistant Professor
Mrs. C Papitha vasthi raniM.A., M.phil.,Assistant Professor
Mr. Dr.I. Ilaya kumarM.A., M.phil., P.hD.,Assistant Professor
Mr. S.VinothM.A., M.phil.,Assistant Professor
Mrs. M.NavajothiM.A., M.phil.,Assistant Professor


Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mr.G Godwin joseph paulM.EAssistant Professor
Mr.S. DhivyaprabhandhanM.EAssistant Professor
Mr.Rajeshkumar SM.EAssistant Professor
Mrs.S.AnushaM.EAssistant Professor
Mr.S. DhanasekarM.EAssistant Professor

Non -Teaching Faculty

Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mr.J.M. NethajiB.Sc.B.Ed.Lab Instructor
Mr. R. ArulB.Sc.Lab Instructor


Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mr. P.Prabhu,M.Sc. Library ScienceLibrarian

Physical Education

Name of the staffQualificationDesignation
Mr. M.KumaraguruM.A. M.P.Ed.Physical Director

Chemistry lab

The chemistry laboratory is well equipped and properly ventilated. The students are given the necessary instructions for ensuring all possible safety measures. They are asked to follow the rules and regulations of the lab for the smooth conduct of the practical sessions. The students are trained sufficiently to enhance their practical skills and are also provided hands on experience on sophisticated instruments. The students are imparted knowledge in the fundamental aspects of chemistry and environmental science and are trained to acquire laboratory skills which will be useful in their further studies. They are able to understand the basic concepts by performing experiments in the laboratory classes and enhance the problem solving skills.

Major equipments available in the Laboratories:
  1. Flame Photometer
  2. Spectro Photometer
  3. Electronic Balance
  4. Digital Potentiometer
  5. Digital Conductivity Meter
  6. Digital pH meter
Communication lab

The Communication skills laboratory is properly equipped as prescribed by Anna University to meet the challenges of the ever-changing desires of globalization, in terms of obtaining language abilities. It precisely makes a specialty of the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) skills of the students to broaden and flourish themselves to fulfill the needs of the world with self-confidence.  Students are trained in Group Discussions, Presentations and Interview skills to make them employable. The students are given chance to get to know new vocabulary to be read out in the lab. To update their general knowledge, the newspaper reading sessions also incorporated during the Lab hours. The Computers in the Lab are upgraded with Hi-Class English Software to get practice in all the levels of LSRW skills.

Language lab

The language laboratory enables the students to develop their communicative skills. It is equipped with 75 computers with internet access.  It has good audio video facilities. The objective of the lab is to provide hands on training in Speaking and Listening. It helps to prepare the students for the Anna University Lab Examination.

Physics lab

The Engineering Physics lab is well equipped to cater to the needs of the B.E. / B.Tech students. It includes a separate dark room for doing optical experiments. The students are made well aware of the Rules and Regulations and Safety measures of the lab before the commencement of the practical sessions. After the demonstration by the faculty members, the students are asked to do the experiments individually. It makes them to learn the basic concepts of the experiments, understand the functioning of various physics laboratory equipment, solve problems individually and collaboratively, use graphical models to analyze laboratory data, etc.

The following experiments are done in the lab.

  • 1. Torsional pendulum – Determination of rigidity modulus of wire and moment of inertia of regular and irregular objects.
  • 2. Simple harmonic oscillations of cantilever.
  • 3. Non-uniform bending – Determination of Young’s modulus.
  • 4. Uniform bending – Determination of Young’s modulus.
  • 5. Laser- Determination of the wavelength of the laser using grating.
  • 6. Air wedge – Determination of thickness of a thin sheet/wire.
  • 7. a) Optical fibre -Determination of Numerical Aperture and acceptance angle
  • b) Compact disc- Determination of width of the groove using laser.
  • 8. Acoustic grating- Determination of velocity of ultrasonic waves in liquids.
  • 9. Ultrasonic interferometer – determination of the velocity of sound and compressibility of liquids
  • 10. Post office box -Determination of Band gap of a semiconductor.
  • 11. Photoelectric effect
  • 12. Michelson Interferometer.
  • 13. Melde’s string experiment
  • 14. Experiment with lattice dynamics kit.
Major Equipments available in the lab
  1. Ultrasonic Interferometer
  2. Michelson Interferometer
  3. Semiconductor Laser
  4. He-Ne Laser
  5. Photoelectric effect apparatus
  6. CRO
  7. Lattice Dynamic Kit