S.NoTitle of the PaperName of the author/sName of JournalYear of publicationLink to article / paper/ abstract of the article
1Segmentation & Classification of Gallstone in Ultrasound images of Gallbladder using Support Vector MachineDr.M.Sathya PriyaIEEE2022View
2Classification of Diabetic disorder using Machine Learning ApproachesC.ShaliniIEEE2022View
3Classification of Diabetic disorder using Machine Learning ApproachesDr.S.VelmuruganComputer System Science and Engineering2022View
4Effect of Kariba Weed Biodiesel Blended with n-Pentane on the Chosen Parameters of a Ceramic-Coated Thermal Barrier Direct Injection Diesel EngineDr. E. SivakumarACS Omega2022View
5Investigation of ceramic coating on operating characteristic of DI CI diesel engine fuelled with safflower methyl ester  Dr. E. SivakumarMaterials Today Proceedings2023View
6Investigation of Effect of Tool Offset Position on Mechanical Properties Of Dissimilar Aluminum Alloy Sheets Joined By Friction Stir Welding  M.PrakashMaterials Today Proceedings2023View
7Effect of thermal barrier coating of piston on the performance of diesel engineSathya moorthi SMaterials Today Proceedings2023View
8Growth, optical, dielectric and mechanical studies in ferroelectric bis(methyl ammonium) tetrachlorocadmate single crystalS. ANITHAFerroelectrics2022View
9Retrieving Images and Its Classification by Acumen Mechanism Using Texture FeaturesSATHEESH. SInternational Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences2023View
10Optical and piezoelectric studies of an efficient frequency doubler :lmidazolium L-Tartrate(IMLT)S.ArjunanEuropean Chemica Bulletin2023View
11Exploration of third order NLO property of semi-organic optical material: Bis (L-thrconine) copper (Il) monohydrate [BLTCM)S.ArjunanEuropean Chemica Bulletin2023View