Everyone at T.J.S. Engineering College is expected to maintain a very high standard of discipline inside the college campus.

General rules for Students

  • Students should keep the college campus neat and clean.
  • Students should give respect for the elders and adhere gender Equality.Ragging of any sort is punishable.
  • Students should be regular, punctual and attentive to the classes. They are expected to beseated in the lecture hall 5 minutes before the commencement of class.
  • Students should maintain perfect order and strict silence inside the lecture halls,laboratories, seminar halls, Exam Halls and workshops.
  • Students should maintain 75% of attendance to write Anna University Exam.
  • Students should not leave the college premises during working hours without prior permission of HoD.
  • Studentshould get Prior permission from Counsellors, Year In-charges and HOD for taking leave.
  • Student has to produce the medical certificate in case of absence due to sickness for more than 3 days.
  • Taking leave during Internal Assessment test /Examination is strictly not allowed.
  • Absence for Internal Assessment Tests, Model Practical examinations and Model Theory
  • examinations is strictly monitored.
  • Malpractices committed in Examinations by the students shall be viewed seriously.
  • Student’s roaming outside the classroom during the lecture hour is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are advised to wear descent formal dresses.
  • The students should attend the laboratory/workshop classes with the specified uniform.
  • Lab uniform with Shoes is compulsory for laboratory
  • Students should not involve in damaging college properties. Scribbling on the walls, tables and boards are strictly banned.
  • Usage of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the classroom.

Hostel Students

  • Discipline in the hostel will be under the control of the warden and Deputy Warden.
  • Students will be permitted outside for any reason only after receiving calls from the parents to Hostel Warden Number.
  • Hostel students are not allowed to stay in the hostel during college working days without
  • prior permission from HOD.
  • Residents shall not fix posters, notices, pictures, or anything that might deface or damage the walls and infrastructure.
  • Students involved in any discrepancy and anti-social behaviour in the hostel will not be entertained to continue in the hostel and parents will be intimated to vacate the hostel.
  • Ragging of students admitted to the Institute is totally banned. Any violation of this by the students will be dealt with very severely.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks in the hostel premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Any Resident observing that his/her room-mate(s) is/are facing any difficulty and needs/need external help, the same may be informed to the Warden immediately.

Teaching and Non-teaching Staff

  • Every Staff shall discharge the duties assigned honestly and meticulously.
  • The Staff should perform the academic duties such as lecturing, demonstration, invigilation, assessment etc.
  • The teacher should avoid partiality in the assessment of students.
  • The staff should avoid the discrimination of castes, creed or religion race or sex with the students and his/her colleagues.
  • The Staff should follow the conditions of the concern authorities, officers, administrative and academic departments of the college.
  • The Staff should not involve in any kind of Anti-academic activities directly or indirectly.
  • The staff should behave very humbly with male and female students and other colleagues.
  • The Staff should strictly abide the laws related to intoxicating drinks or drugs.
  • The Staff should not absent himself/herself from duty without prior permission from the principal of the college.
  • Every Staff is eligible for leave as per the prevailing rules as laid down by the Management from time to time.
  • Wearing of identity card is mandatory for all staff.
  • Every Staff is expected to be loyal in their duties and contribute towards the progress and quality of the institution.

Working Hours

CollegeMonday to Saturday9.00 am – 3.15 pm
OfficeMonday to Saturday9.00 am – 4.30pm
LibraryMonday to Saturday9.00 am – 4.30pm