Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement

Apart from the teaching of syllabus and curriculum in TJSEC have developed programs in-order to improve the capacity building and skill enhancement. The following program has been conducted.


The primary objective of a soft skills training programme is to enhance non-technical skills, which are essential for both personal and professional success. These skills include Effective Communication, Self Development, Problem-Solving, Adaptability, Leadership, ethics, Team -work, and Emotional Intelligence, among others.

Mr. M. Muthu Kumar, Soft Skills Trainer, Focus 4D Career education Pvt. Ltd
A Soft Skill Program on “Inter and Intra Personal Skills” on 12-09-2022
Dr. H. Marie Evangeline, Assistant Professor, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
Workshop on “Self-Development” on 05-10-2022
Mr. M. Vigneshwaran, Soft Skills Trainer, Southerland Global Services
Training on “Interview Skills” on 07-02-2023
Ms. J. Dishni Priya, Soft Skills Trainer, Focus 4D Career education Pvt. Ltd
Training on “Leadership and Productivity” on 21-02-2023
Mr. R. Manoj, Soft Skill Trainer, Focus 4D Career education Pvt. Ltd
A Seminar on “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving” on 28-02-2023

Language and communication skills facilitates interpersonal connections among the peopleThe emphasis of the seminar was on, how to improve communication skills enables the students to express empathy and build a network of support. Students experience a more satisfying career and feel more confident about any impending interviews.

Mr. Vadivel Sampath, Soft Skills Trainer, NPTEL-IIT, Chennai
A Seminar on “Development of Communication Skills” on 15-09-2022
Mr. S. Arun Kumar, Soft Skills Trainer, Focus 4D Career Education Pvt. Ltd
Group Discussion on “Professionalism” on 20-10-2022
Mr. M. Vigneshwaran, Soft Skill Trainer, Southerland Global Services
Training on “Language Development” on 06-02-2023
Mr. Elisha Immanuel Teaching Fellow, Anna University, Chennai
Talk on “Public Speaking and Writing Skills” on 13-02-2023
Dr. A. Gnanavathe, Communication and Soft skill Trainer,
Ira New Academy of Skills, Mogapair, Chennai
One Day Workshop on “Vocabulary Building” on 14-02-2023

Life skills programme teaches the students about the social interaction with people of the different cultures. Students realized the importance of self-defence, Entrepreneurial skills, yoga, health and hygiene, the value of blood donation, and other life skills programmes.

Mr. S. Prasad, Planning Manager, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, Kattur
“Entrepreneurial Skills and Start-Up” on 09-09-2022
Dr. K. Mathuramani, Asst. Prof./Arulmigu Kabaleeshwar
College of Arts & Science, HR & CE, Government of Tamil Nadu
Talk on “Life Skills Today” on 27-10-2022
Mr. G. Ravi, SKY Professor WCSC, Manavalakalai
Mandram Trust, Redhills
Yoga for “Beginners” on 27-03-3023
Ms. S. Sandhiya, Yoga Trainer, Sri Shankari Institute of Yoga and Research Centre
Meditation “In Daily Life” on 03-05-2023

Awareness of Trends in Technology put forward innovative ideas and opportunities to enhance the ability of the students. This awareness of technology creates the students to identify the opportunities, new risks or threats, and market gaps. The awareness is provided to the students in order to broaden and educate their technological knowledge.

Ms. P. Edreena, Chief Technical Trainer, GITMS
Training Program on “Data Structure and Algorithm” on 14-09-2022
Dr. V. Srividhya, Associate professor, Annai Mira College of
Engineering and Technology
Training on “Coding and Decoding” on 19-09-2022
Mr. Arumugam, Project senior head, Thelema infotech
Seminar on “Artificial Intelligence” on 27-02-2023
Mr. Mohammed Ilyas, Technology Trainer, CEO IT Expert Training, Chennai
Seminar on “Cyber Issues” on 22-02-2023