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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 2009-2010 with an intake of 60. The department offers a four year B.E. degree program in Computer Science and Engineering with an annual intake increased to 120 students from the year 2013-2014 and two year M.E program in Computer Science and Engineering with an annual intake of 18 students from
the year 2013-2014.

The mission of the Department of Computer Science Engineering is to produce value based technical education and mold the character of younger generation to produce employable students to continuous up-gradation of skills and to produce more number of entrepreneurs through effective teaching methodology. It is our objective to prepare our students to be successful in pursing advanced studies, on a competitive universal basis.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is committed to the cause of growth and advancement. Its vision is to impart quality education with high standards par excellence in Engineering and Technology to provide an excellent infra-structure in serene and conductive atmosphere that would motivate the students in the pursuit of knowledge in Engineering and Technology.

  • Computer Lab-1
  • Open Sorce Lab
  • Computer Lab-II
  • Mobile Application Development Lab
  • Grid and Cloud Computing Lab
Dr. R. Janarthanan, M.T.ech, MBA, Ph.D.Associate Prof / HOD
Badi Alekhya, B.Tech., M.E.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
A.G. Balamurugan, M.TECHAssistant Professor
M. Divya, M.EAssistant Professor
A. Bharathy, M.EAssistant Professor
S. Godwin Joseph Paul, D.C.E., B.E., M.E., Assistant Professor
V. Dhinakaran, B.Tech., MBA., (M.E)Assistant Professor
T. Karpagam, M.Tech.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
T.R. Muthukumar, M.EAssistant Professor
S. Muthumariammal, M.EAssistant Professor
G. Ragu, M.Tech., M.B.A.,Assistant Professor
R. Sathish, M.TechAssistant Professor
P. Thenmozhi, M.EAssistant Professor
R. Uma, M.E Assistant Professor
V. Vinothkumar, M.TechAssistant Professor
V. Gnana Sekar, B.Tech.,M.EAssistant Professor
M. Sathish, M.EAssistant Professor
A.V.B. Dakchinamoorthy, M.E Assistant Professor
K. Sudharson, M.EAssistant Professor
S. Rohini, M.E Assistant Professor

Name of the StudentTopicVenuePlace
Hetal Suresh
M. Elkeya
Paper Presentation - INSIGNIA -14Vellammal Institute of TechnologyI
T. Dilip Kumar
S. Navaneetha Krishnan
Paper Presentation - ANATHABODHA -14University College, AraniI
V. Prasanna KumarCircuit DebuggingPrathyusha Institute of Technology& ManagementIII
S. JaiSundar
V. Balasubramani
D. Karthikeyan
ADZABR.M.K. C.E.TI (Rs.1000)
S.P.L. Santhosh Kumar /IVYrGamingS.A Engineering CollegeI
M. Malairajan
D. Jyothi Kishore
Web DesigningPrathyusha Institute of Technology& ManagementI
Hetal Suresh
M. Elkeya
Web DesigningRMD Engineering CollegeII
R. Kalaiselvi
S. Ishwaraya
Quiz CompetitionSri Sai Ram Engineering CollegeIII
S. JaiSundar
V. Balasubramani
Quiz CompetitionR.M.K.C.E.TI (Rs.1000)
S. JaiSundar
M. Malairajan
Web DesigningVellammal Institute of TechnologyI (Rs.1500)
M. Malairajan
BingoVellammal Institute of TechnologyI (Rs.1500)
S. JaiSundar
V. Balasubramani
Surprise EventR.M.K.C.E.TI (Rs.500)
S. JaiSundar
D. Karthikeyan
FictionGojan School of Business and TechnologyIII
M. Malairajan
R.M. Jayakumar
Web DesigningGojan School of Business and TechnologyIII
Arjun Anitha Ganesh
S. Deepa
Paper Presentation-PIXUS’15Prathyusha Institute of Technology and ManagementIII
Madhan KumarEngineering LifeSenguthanar Engineering College.II
R. Naveen Kumar
T. Dilip Kumar
Paper Presentation- SALVATIONZ-15Velammal Engineering CollegeI
S. Aarthi
V. Glory
Paper Presentation- Rendezvous-‘15RMD Engineering CollegeII
S. IshwaryaPaper Presentation- Dreadnought – ‘15Sri Sai Ram Institute of TechnologyII
Dilip KumarQuizJaya Institute of TechnologyIII
S. Aarthi
V. Glory
Connexions at ILAKKU 2K15Bharath University.II
V. Raghavi
H. Vaishnavi
S. Sughasiny
Odissi Dance SensorGojan School of Business & TechnologyII
S. Aarthi
V. Glory
Paper PresentationSri Sai Ram Engineering CollegeIII Rs.1000
S. Archana
T.K. Anusha
Paper PresentationT.J.S.E.C.I
D. Kiruthika
S. Deepa
Paper PresentationT.J.S.E.CII
S. Dinesh
M.V. Dinesh
Paper PresentationT.J.S.E.CIII
G. SandhiyaPaper PresentationT.J.S.E.CI
S. Sujith Raja
D. Sam Joseph
P. Ram Prasanth
Paper PresentationT.J.S.E.CII
Y. Sravya
B. Vennila
Paper PresentationT.J.S.E.CIII
H. Vanisha
Sai KalpanaReddy
Ad-MakeoverGojan School of Business & TechnologyII
R. SuganyaCoding GiantGojan School of Business & TechnologyII
K. Charulatha
S. Charulatha Abirami
DebuggingGojan School of Business & TechnologyIII
Dinesh Babu
Web DesigningAgni College of EngineeringIII Rs.1000
S. Aarthi
V. Glory
CrypticJNN Engineering CollegeI
R. IshwaryaTamil oral competitionTamil Ezhakiya Peravai, Ponneri.I
G.R. Harish
P. Muralidharan
Paper PresentationS.A Engineering CollegeI
P. Kasthuri
B. Koormisha
Paper PresentationS.A Engineering CollegeII
L. Joyson
R. Lokesh
S. BoobalaKrishnan
K. GokulaKrishnan
Sonali Jain
S. Madhuri
M. Haritha
B. Vennila
Y. Sraviya
V. Vigneshwar
M. Prabakar
M. Mohan
R. Jayakumar
S. Mounisha
S. Vaishali
P. Bharani Kumar
M. Munish Kumar
Web DesigningT.J.S.E.C.I
S. DineshWeb DesigningT.J.S.E.C.II
U. Yuvaraj
P.A. Vishnu
Web DesigningT.J.S.E.C.III
S. Dinesh Babu
G.R. Harish
P. Muralidharan
Imran Khan
Ad ZapT.J.S.E.C.I
R. Ishwarya
M. Bhuvaneshwari
Ad ZapT.J.S.E.C.II
P.A. Vishnu
P. Ram Prasanth
D. Sam JosephGamingT.J.S.E.C.II
P. Kasthuri
N. Anu
Surprise EventT.J.S.E.C.I
D. Sai Karthick
R. Vignesh
Surprise EventT.J.S.E.C.II
V. Yuvaraj
Treasure Hunt
Gojan School of Business & TechnologyII I
Sai Kalpana Reddy
Puzzle the P.CGojan School of Business & TechnologyI

Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCT) – Student Project Sponsored Rs.7500/- for the following students Ms. Yamini & Ms. Keerthi of final year CSE, under the guidance of Mr. R.Janarthanan, H.O.D/CSE, for the project GPRS Based Patient Monitoring System on 25-04-14.

Journal Publication / Paper Presentation:

Name of the StaffTopic
Dr. R. Janarthanan, HODClassifying Electro Oculogram To Detect Directional Eye Movements” in International Conference on Computational Intelligence: Modeling Technology & Application (CIMTA) 2013.
“Performance Analysis of Object Shape Classification and Matching from Tactile Images Using Wavelet” in International Conference on Computational Intelligence: Modeling Technology & Application (CIMTA) 2013.

Mrs. T. Karpagam, AP“NTH third party auditing for data integrity in cloud”, International journal of Asia Pacific journal of research ISSN: 2320-5504(2014).
"An Efficient server load balancing using session management" International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies (IJCSIT 2014)

"Service and Cloud Computing Oriented Web GIS for Labor and Social Security Applications", International Journal of advanced research for Computer Science and Engineering Technology.(2014)

"Organize structured data in mobile environment using ISAMD", International Journal of Bonfring (2014)
Dr. R. Janarthanan, HODPath Tracing In Camera Based Wireless Sensor Network

Resource RDF Instance Matching & Interlinking Description Similarity
V. Gnana Sekar, A.PPrivacy-Preserving Personalized Ad-Dissemination based on Interest Aggregation and Piggybacking
Development of Robust Environment Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Network
Dr. R. Janarthanan, HOD
R. Uma, A.P
Reversible Watermarking Using Canny Edge Detection Algorithm In Relational Data
R. Uma, A.PSecure Content Sharing for Multimedia Using Hmac Algorithm
Dr. R. Janarthanan, HOD
T. Karpagam, A.P
Historical Data Processing of WSN Data to reduce overhead on Data Traversal

Seminar / Conference / Workshop:

Name of the StaffTopicVenue
Dr. R. Janarthanan, H.O.D/CSEObject Shape & Size Recognition from Italic Images
- IEEE-ICCC 2013
College of Engineering,
Trivandrum Kerala
Feature Selection of Motor Imaging EEG Signals Using Firefly
Temporal Difference Q-Learning & Support Vector Machine
- SEMCOO 2013
SRM University
Neural Network Based Gesture Recognition for Elderly Health Care
Using Kinect Sensor - SEMCOO 2013
SRM University
Emotion Recognition System by Gesture Analysis Using Fuzzy Sets
SRM University
Protein Function Prediction Using Adaptive Swarm Based Algorithm
SRM University
Person Recognition From Walking Dataset Using Kinect Sensor”
- IEMCON 2013
University of Kalyani,
A study on emotion recognition from body textures’ using
kinect sector - Communication & Signal processing
AdhiParashakthi Engineering
Object shape recognition from EEG signals with tactile, visuo-tactile
& audio tactile stimulus Electro oculography based detection of visual memory recall process
AdhiParashakthi Engineering
Data Warehousing & Data Mining - FDPRMK Engineering College
Ms. Badi Alekya, AP /CSECloud ComputingR.M.K Engineering College.

Mrs. T. Karpagam, AP /CSEOrganize Structured Data in Mobile Environment - NCCTTB’14RMKCET
Mrs. T. Karpagam, AP/CSE
Ms. Badi Alekya, AP/CSE
Implementing Reliable Re-Encryption for Secure Storage Access
in Cloud Deservers - NCCTTB’14

Computer Networks - FDP

JEPPIAR Engineering college
Dr. R. Janarthanan, H.O.D/CSE
Mr. G. Ragu, AP/CSE
Cyber SecurityVel Tech
T. Karpagam, A.P
V. Gnana Sekar, A.P
V. Vinoth Kumar, A.P
Artificial Intelligence
Velammal Engineering College
V. Gnana Sekar, A.P.
S. Godwin Joseph Paul, A.P
Firewall Installation and Configuration Management Sri Sai Engineering College
M. Divya, APProgramming & Data Structures IRMKCET
Badi Alekhya, A.P,Hands-on-Security
Mathematical Modeling of Wireless Sensor Network
Saveetha Engineering College
S.A Engineering College
V. Vinoth Kumar, A.PSecurity LabJCT College of Engineering and Technology

Guest Lecture / Seminar / Workshop:

TopicLecture / Workshop / Venue
Ethical HackingMr. Venkat Prabhu, Kashiv InfoTech
How to prepare for the interviewMr. Yogeshkumar, Lead Tech, TCS
Cloud ComputingShri.K. Shivarama Krishnan,
senior consultant,
Dell Software, Bangalore
PHP-MYSQLIIT Bombay spoken Tutorial
C and C++IIT Bombay spoken Tutorial
Communication skillsMr. T.T. Harish,
Higher studies in India & AbroadMr. T. Vinod
Communication Skills & MotivationSpiro Solution
Web Designing & Web HostingMr. M. Malaihrajan
(Student of Final Year CSE)
Higher Studies in Canada, St.ClairDr. A. Kalanadhi, Former VC, Anna University
Dr. Selvaraj, Director, Study @ Canada, Chennai.
Recent Trends in IT Industry & Soft skills DevelopmentMr. G. Krishna
Mr. R. Akhil, CTS, Chennai.
Workshop on soft skillMr. K. Rajesh(Team Leader)
Game Development workshopMadras Institute of Technology
LATEX , Cloud ComputingVIT, Chennai
Cyber SecurityVel Tech University
Big Data AnalysisAnna University, Chennai
Basic Computer network and router configurationLivewire, Mylapore, Chennai
Basics of HTML & CSSMr. Malairajan,
Software Developer,
Infinity Solution
HTML 5.0 & CSS3M. SanthanaKumar,
Software Engineer,
PhotonInteractivePvt ltd,
Creating Awareness EntrepreneurshipCUIC
Soft skill DevelopmentMr. Yogesh,
Senior Software Development,
L&T Infotech
IBS Training & Education
Project DemoMr. Loganathan,
Executive Manager

Mr. Stephen,
Global Techno Solution
Introduction to Information Security & Carreer OpportunitiesMr. T.T. Harish,
Information Security Professional
Web DevelopmentVelammal Engineering College
World Biggest International Mobile App DevelopmentMicrosoft Research Community, Chennai
Laughter YogaMr. Haho Sirippananda
Cloud Computing & Big data analyticsMr. Vidhyasagar, AP,
SRM University
Web Programming & IOTMr. Sarnpath Jegadeesan,
Site Reliability Engineer, TCS
Search Engine Optimization (SEOMr. Velmurugan,
HR Manager,
DLK Technologies
New Networking Era & Text miningMr. Rajesh Kanna,
Technical Lead,
C, Hardware & NetworkingMr. R. Sathish,
Mrs. T. karpagam,
Mrs. R. Uma,
Mrs. Badi Alekhya,
Mr. A. Ponnuchamy,
Mr. G. Ragu,
Ms. Diviya, T.J.S.E.C.
JavaMrs. C. Vanitha,
Mr. J. Rajkamal,
Mr. V. Vinoth Kumar T.J.S.E.C.
Workshop on Tamil APP DevelopmentTamil Virtual Academy, Guindy
SSN Engineering College
Core JavaCITS
Network Security IssuesNet Lab
How to Crack the Campus DriveMr. Joeph Jayakumar, S.M. HR.TAFE
Mr. G.R. Jude Kostka, HR, Global soft solutions
Mr. Karthikeyan, HR, TATABSS
Mr. Anup Roby, HR Manager, Wipro
Introduction to PHPMr. Prasanna, Team Leader, Janani Technologies
Web Service & Cyber ForensicsMr. Yuvanesh,
Software Developer,
Ven Tech Solutions

Industrial Visit:

Places Visited
Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research (1GCAR), Kalpakkam
KASHIV InfoTech PVT Ltd, Chennai
One Yes Technologies, Chennai
ISRO, Sriharikota
ISRO, Bangalore
Advantage Pro, Nungambakam
HCL CDC, Vadapalani
NSIC Guindy
Chennai Port
Anipix Academy
Advantage Pro
Easy Soft Technologies, Cochin
Hcl Career Development Centre
Techso Technologies
Kaashiv Infotech
Mazenet It Training And Certification
Mazenet Solution(P)Ltd.,
Chennai It Training Solutions Pvt.Ltd(CITS)
Phoenix Systems
Code Bind Technologies.

In – Plant Training:

Name of the Organization
Chennai IT Training Solutions Pvt.Ltd(CITS)
Spiro Solution Pvt. Ltd
Tamil Virtual Academy, Anna University Campus
Mazenet Solution(p)Ltd
Knack Forge Solution
Code Bind Technologies
DLK Technologies
FITA Technology
Stigmata Techno Solution
National Small Industries Corporation a Government of India Enterprise at Guindy
Sparta Software Solution, Chennai


  • R. Naveen Kumar(IV Year CSE) has developed the Online Student Feedback System for our college


  • Madhan Kumar– M/S Sparta Software Solution, Chennai

Our CSE student Participated POWER IT national level project expo conducted by RajaLakshmi institute of technology for presenting their Smart Home,Smart irrigation System,Military Based Surveillance Monitoring System

Workshop on Evolution of Computers

Chief Guest for validatory and prize distribution function FALCON’18 on 06-03-2018 Shri.Selvaraj Ganesan (Transformation and Strategy Consultant)

8 th National Level Technical Symposium “FALCON 18″Conducted by CSE Chief Guest:Dr.K.R.Jeyakumar,Ph.D(Director and CEO ,Amity Soft,Chennai)

Mou Signed with Advantage Pro & Training Partner RED HAT ,Chennai

Industrial Visit on ISRO Sathish Dhawan Space Centre



N3CIT conference